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Directed by: Clinton Jones A pregnant couple puts the pedal to the metal on their way to the hospital. Unfortunately for them, they fail to heed an ominous roadside.

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Watch the BEHIND THE SCENES NOW! Episode 1 of Season 2 of Video Game High School. New episodes every Friday. Video Game High School (often abbreviated VGHS) is an action comedy web series from Rocket Jump Studios. It was written by Matthew Arnold, Will Campos and Brian. RocketJump is a digital movie studio that specializes in original web video content, TV shows, movies, and games. Follow @RocketJumpTweet for all of our updates: We will return with SEASON 3 - Next Year. We had a lot of fun making VGHS Season.

Follow @RocketJumpTweet for all of our updates: We will return with SEASON 3 - Next Year. We had a lot of fun making. That little leak from EA this weekend? That was us. All the way. What other devs/publishers do you think we should hit next? Special thanks to the unstoppable Action. A third season was hinted at during the fundraising for season 2. confirmed following the credits in the final episode of season 2. Number, Title, Length, YouTube release date, HFR release. Get Behind the Scenes, interviews, and more at! Video Game High School is a RocketJump webseries set in a universe where pro gaming is the world. The first two season of the show debuted on Thanksgiving. second season of Freddie Wong's УVideo Game High School,Ф according to two individuals a week, and Netflix gained the exclusive rights after all six episodes aired on YouTube. Jan 21, 2015 The as-yet untitled eight-episode series will be produced by See More:'Video Game High School' Season 3: Watch Free on YouTube Weekly, or Pay to Binge on YouTube in its first two seasons; RocketJump launched the third season to television, to YouTube Ч Freddie Wong and the RocketJump. May 12, 2015 Freddie Wong has released his traditional infographic on budgetary spending, centered solely around the 35434 production cost of 'VGHS' season three. the cost for season one (which cost 6,010 to make) and season two the series' third season on the production company's YouTube channel. Freddie Wong (born September 13, 1985) is an American filmmaker, musician, VFX artist and competitive gamer. Wong participates in at least three YouTube channels. Jul 26, 2013 Video Game High School: Season 2 - Episode 1 I ask at you the give a possibility, to the italian youtube channel. © 2012